The Only True Inverted Box Rib

BR-6™ offers an excellent balance of performance and economy

BR-6™ has a bold angular appearance and makes it a very attractive choice as it has many advantageous characteristics such as its wide 960 mm cover width, strength to weight ratio, that provide optimum load span consistency, and the broad flutes ensures excellent drainage

BR-6™ can be laid in 1 of 2 configurations - narrow flute out, the standard manner, or broad flute out, commonly used for cladding of vertical surfaces. These provide a very different aesthetic, and can be combined, creating the appearance of two different profiles

Allowable Safe Load Table (in kPa)



  • Custom lengths
  • Light weight
  • Long Lengths
  • Ideal for Industrial/commercial use
  • Variety of colors
  • Cost effective
  • Excellent drainage
  • Long spanning capability
  • Can be used both as roofing and cladding


Design & Building Specifications

All roofing and wall cladding should be specified on the drawingsas BR-6TMas manufactured by PT Robertson FastBuild Indonesia and needs to be installed in a workmanlike manner and in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. Base sheet steel shall be G550/AZ150 or G550/AZ100 with specified finish or other requirement such as Galvanized steel with PVDF or PVF2 coatings

Exposed Fastener: Roof


Exposed Fastener: Wall



BR-6TM  sheets shall be cut in a way so as to avoid damage to the sheets and other nearby finished building products.

Handling of Material

When handling BR-6TM, care should be taken at all times to preserve the quality of the finish. Packs need to be kept dry and stored above ground on dunnage whilst awaiting installation. If the sheets become wet these need to be separated, wiped and placed in the open air to dry.

Walking on BR-6TM

When walking on BR-6TM roof sheeting always wear flat rubber soled shoes and only walk over areas where you have installed purlin or batten supports. The specified walking path on BR-6TM is either pan next to the lapped edge ribs.

Clean Up

Prior to departing the work site, remove all foreign debris, screws, rivets and especially any swarf from drilling or cutting from the roof surface or from inside the gutters. Failure to do this may result in premature corrosion of the roof or gutter system

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